Advantages of Having a Website

Advantages of having a website. I love this topic because it seems like there is never an end to a list we can compile that states the advantages of having a website. This will not be a bottomless list but if you’re kicking the idea around of having a website designed for your organization then look no further.

I’m just going to jump right in and start stating the facts, so here we go:

Less Expensive

Lastly, having a website is much less expensive than having to advertise by means of the: radio, television, printing flyers, business cards, newspapers and magazines. Definitely much more effective, with less moving parts to have a website. You have nowhere to go but up.


Let me just start by saying that personal contact is a great way close deals and convert prospects into clients, so by no means are we undermining the effectiveness of having a great salesperson. But imagine if you had one sales person work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Talk about the overtime, physically we cannot do that, but a website can.

Having a salesperson work around the clock is a huge benefit in your favor and that is exactly what having a website is, having a salesperson work around the clock just for you.

What if you have a website already, automatically you might say ‘Not required, I already have a website.’ Think about your business, it’s incredible to see in this day and age a business thrive without an online presence, it’s really a rarity if you think about because everyone is online looking for the best business that fits their needs, if you truly want to grow your business, having a website is a fantastic way to expand your horizons and best serve your audience with effective web design at a fraction of the price of having a sales team work around the clock 24/7/365. Give your salespeople a little bit of a break.

To reiterate, a website can be accessed at any time by anyone anywhere whereas your storefront cannot.


My personal favorite. Let’s say you use a ton of different forms of marketing, let’s use the example of flyers. Do you know how many of those flyers actually have an impact on a prospect or client? How many make it into the correct hands? Or lastly, how many just get thrown into the trash?

Tough to think about; you’d hate to think that that flyer gets throw in the trash especially if you have put your blood, sweat and tears into it, right? The great thing is that with a website you are able to see who, what, why, when, and where people are going to your site. Much more streamlined and you have so many more ways to get in front of a prospect.

The web is truly an incredible way to track everything; if something isn’t working you can change it and make it more effective to draw your prospects to you and convert them into clients.

Mobile Responsive

Have you ever gone to a site and have to scroll around and zoom in to find something on a site? How frustrated do you get? Everyone that I have ever worked with tell me that is one of the things that drive them crazy, they tell me ‘I honestly just skip it’. Another advantage of having a website is that it makes browsing so much easier for others. If your prospects make a payment in some way on your website this is yet another advantage of having a website. Smart Insights helps us to see that 80% of people on the internet are mobile users, meaning they use smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc. to browse the internet, but they primarily use their smartphones.

If your site it not mobile responsive it’s definitely hurting your online presence.

Get online today and take advantage of the advantages of having a website. There is nothing like this incredible marketing machine we call the internet. The advantages of having a website are astronomical in comparison to other organizations that do not have a web presence and you will be glad you did.