Do I Need to Redesign My Site?

Making an impression is so important especially when you do not already have a relationship with a particular audience, most of the time spammers have cheap sites that do not look legitimate at all; you can tell that it is in fact a spam site. Sometimes sites can get forgotten about and we will discuss a few reasons why.

Before we continue though let’s go over what it means to redesign your site. We like to think of a redesign just like remodeling a house. I’ve been in the construction business since I was a kid and with being in the web industry I still am associated with the concepts with construction as well as working with those who are still in the actual trades themselves. A true redesign or remodel does not entail knocking down the whole house and building on the cement slab that is left, it is actually additions and subtractions to the house itself.

For example, if you have a bedroom next to a kitchen and you’d like for your kitchen to be bigger you start breaking down some walls only after consulting and hiring a design team and construction team, etc. You want to find out what makes sense so that when you are finally done with the expansion of your kitchen is it seamless, does it fit in with the rest of your house? Or do you need to change the flooring too, and the paint, hardware on the doors, do you need to change some doors?

But do not underestimate the importance of redesigning your website though especially if any of the below tips applies to you and your organization.

3 Reasons to Consider if You Need to Redesign: 1) Is my site responsive?

Everywhere you turn, doctor’s office, DMV, Coffee Shop, just about everyone is on a mobile device of some kind. People are shopping more and more on mobile devices and using their mobile devices to browse the web more than ever before. According to a Morgan Stanley report, Mobile internet usage is expected to match desktop usage by 2014. What does this report tell us? Internet usage on desktop computers are no longer the dominant force behind internet browsing, mobile devices are very important to your audience.

If your site is not responsive, the opportunities of more leads and prospects are lost because of what users want now, they expect any and all websites to look the same on their mobile devices as it looks on their desktops.

2) Do You Have An Effective Web Design Strategy?

Small tweaks and changes are made to each and every website that you and I visit and most of the time we who are on the outside looking in usually don’t even notice but they are making tweak, reiterating every detail for increased performance and success.

The same can be done for you and your website, reiteration, keep ironing out those details and find what works for your marketing strategy. Where are people going? Why are they going to that page? What time?

Questions like these can help you decide if you have a clear purpose and problem to solve:

  • Are all of the questions your users have being answered?
  • Do you have all the answers you need from your customers to make a significant change?
  • Can you reduce costs by making small changes to a major feature?

3) My Website Just Is Not Working!

We have all been to those sites that have lost their luster and the thing is in this day and age is that some of the sites that look buggy and have virus’ etc on them most likely are and you don’t want your site to look like those malicious sites and that is the overall goal to stand out from the crowd! If you haven’t updated your site and you have even a hint of doubt regarding your site and the functionality of it then it is good to consider what can be done to prevent your site from eventually getting to the point where it isn’t even relevant to your organization anymore.

Do I Need to Redesign My Site?

‘The biggest room in the world is the room for improvement.’ If you have feeling about your site is just no cutting it any longer it’s possible that your clients and prospects may feel the same way and we want to prevent that.

We have a process here at Imperialvue Design and the first stage is called “Discovery” and this is where we assess with you what your purpose is and where you would like to be and help you not only reach your goals but to surpasses them. Let us do what we do so that you can do what you do better.

Do I need to redesign my site? Lastly, consider the questions below, this will help you make decision when contemplating a redesign:

  • Do I have effective Call-To-Actions to turn casual guests into stunning new clients?
  • Does your website incite others to find out what you do and to contact you?
  • Is your site too busy, too much going on?
  • Is your site easy to browse for your visitors or does it exasperate?
  • Does your site really reflect the image that you know your organization deserves?

Relate to one of the 3 scenarios above? No need to panic. This is your discovery process with yourself and it will help you assess so that you can budget for a redesign in the near or eventual future. But just identifying what needs to be done and how to achieve is the first step to achieving greatness. But if your website is meant to bring you business and it is not doing so then it is time to make necessary changes.