How Soon Should You See Results From Your Blogging Efforts?

Blogging results. This is our sequel post to “Should I start blogging?” and we have established some solid facts about blogging and how successful you can potentially be. The thoughts and statistics are there but is your mind and heart there also?

There are some technical mumbo jumbo that needs to be incorporated into your blog posts, but we will leave the technical aspects out of it for now and answer the question we left you with in the last post: how soon should you see results from your blogging efforts? A very valid question indeed, you don’t want to put all of this hard work, this blood sweat and tears into your posts and not see any results, do not panic if you write 10 blog posts in one day and you still don’t see results.

I like the analogy of trying to lose losing weight because I have been married for a while now and I gained some “wedding weight” as my friends and colleagues have so affectionately put it, it’s a sign of happiness so I’m not too disappointed. But I will say that trying to lose this “wedding weight” does not happen overnight.

Think of it this way, if you keep checking and checking and checking where your visitors are you will just spin your wheels and become frustrated much like losing weight, if you weigh yourself every day you become discouraged and you might just say ‘what am I doing?! I’m not losing any weight and I just wasted all this time!’ A friend once told me …’expectations postponed makes the heart sick’; if your expectations are to see results over night or in the next few months you will just drive yourself crazy because of your expectations. Just relax and create fresh content that you know is valuable.

The reason why we stress this so much to our fellow bloggers is that that you have to write for your audience and give them valuable content, remember the statistics in the previous article, those can be and will be achieved if you have the mind set of ‘hey I’m doing this for my audience’. We always stress that the site is yours but it is meant for your clients and prospects to attract them and effective blog posts do just that!

Just like losing weight don’t worry so much about getting that beach body just yet put in the work and everything else will follow; the traffic will come focus on the content for your audience.

There is a rule of thumb, any blogger or content strategist will tell you about the 6 month rule. This is a long term strategy it does not happen overnight as we have mentioned but the fact of the matter is that when Google “crawls” it takes time to establish that you are a real person with real things to say on the web, so about the six month mark is where you will be able to see real results. In a nutshell Google says ‘hey this site has been her for a while, I’m going to index it’; the reason why it takes six months or so is because Google tends to favor established domains, ones that have been around for some time and have a positive reputation and blogging is a great way to do so.

In the background Google can keep an eye on your site and say hey there’s malicious things on this site, it has virus’ etc or it will say ‘hey this is getting a lot of traffic, must be a very good site, no complaints nothing’. The key is to be patient. All of this generally applies to all domains that are fairly new. So thing of it as a runner coming out of the gate, he is positioned well and has his hands on the ground and before you know it the trigger is pulled, if you’re going to be successful and win the race you have to gain speed and have good traction and blogging now is a great way to do so.

How do you run a race? Picture in your mind, do I start off fast or do I start off slow? Do I run at a steady pace? What if I fall behind? Don’t worry about falling behind, as long as you post 1) Frequently 2) Consistently 3) Fresh and valuable content you will not fall behind but you will be running at a steady pace.

So run in such a way so that you yourself do not tire out and stumble on the road leading off to success and prosperity!