How To Maintain Your Router

I have a friend that is literally a sports fanatic and he is able to stream games from different sports stations and he was in the final seconds of a game and his internet locked up, he never knew how it ended. We found that his router needed an upgrade.

So what does that mean? Every router needs an update every now and then and if it’s postponed long enough it can drop your connection just like we just mentioned and that can be frustrating especially if you’re in a critical situation where you need to pay your bills online; but whatever the case may be there are a few things you can try on your own.

The first is unplugging your power cable from the router and the wall for about two minutes. When the router power cable is plugged backed in it will take about five minutes to comes back up. You can always tell if its back up because your wireless network name will re-appear, attempt to connect back to your wifi connection and try going to a website, like or another familiar website. If Google’s website appears you are good to go and the update that your router needed has been installed.

What if a few days later or a few hours later your internet connection drops again and you cannot connect to the internet anymore?

Most of the time unplugging your router as we mentioned above can fix this problem but if you continue to experience these issues then the update on your router has to be installed manually in which case your second option would be to call a support technician out and they can install it for you.