Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing (SMM). What is it and should you be concerned about it? Many think that just having a Facebook and posting here and there is all that is needed on your social media profiles. The way that you use Facebook for a business is different for Facebook used by an individual, what are they exactly?


Social Sharing

“Sharing is caring.” Consumers only share where there is something worth while to share. What does that mean? People want to buy where business is being done and they want to hear about what their friends and family are buying. Pretty Simple right?

If you have icons on your blogs and pages of your site and have your site linked to your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google + accounts people comment and share meaningful content and share what they care about with their friends and family. My wife is always showing me cruise deals and flights to New York, Italy, the great thing about it is that it’s all on Social Media.

The thing is that people do not want to be “sold to” on Social Media, so if you are constantly posting ads and deals people may stand off from your social accounts, the reason why is that in 1970 the average person saw 500 ads a day. You think about that now and that’s really a cute number when you think about the 5,000 that we see each day today. 5,000 ads a day! That is a lot of ads. So do you want to see ads all over the place? No but we do.

Social Media, when used correctly, allows your followers to do the hard part for you, they share on their own and they promote what you are doing. People love to share valuable things found online with others. So the question is, are you posting anything valuable to your followers?


The Human Effect

We are all people. Ironic in a dominant electronic universe; people want to know who you are and is there a real person behind the cold emails, behind the fancy website; so let them see you. Let them see that you aren’t sitting on a throne made of gold in your corporate office. The more you have a Social Media presence the more people will be able to trust who you are the reason being is that because of this digital era emails are automatically sent with no regard to human life, they are just sent and nothing is too personal about it.

Add that presence to your site and your Social Media accounts; add pictures of your team with descriptions of each team member who they are, what they do, employee of the month, the fun times you have a work, etc. Have fun with it, don’t be formal, we are all humans and we all smile and laugh, so don’t be afraid to show others that side of you.


The Effect of Social Media

The overall goal is to bring a stronger presence online with Social Media, do not underestimate the power of it. Social Media Marketing (SMM) can be incredibly easy for the small business owner, more links, shares, comments, the stronger your Social presence. This is just one of the many ways to bring others to your site and provide them with services and a knowledge database that gets them excited about what you bring to the table with Social Media!

Businesses are always trying to get in front of you; to give you an idea, there are on average 1,500 posts competing for your attention each day, the best practice is to post more than once a day to stay in front of others. In addition to that, people need to hear the same message 3 times in order to believe and establish that a statistic is true, posting several times a day allows you to establish that trust.

Just like with anything, make sure to be consistent and be genuine. And don’t forget to add us on Instagram today!