What Can A Professional Web Designer Do That I Can’t?

What can a professional web designer do that I can’t when designing a website? There is a lot that goes into a website and to get it working properly that is both effective and critical to your site, if you’re getting into the web industry then by all means give it a try, we encourage you to! For those who are not getting into the web industry that is okay, we will answer the question: What can a professional web designer do that I can’t?

Responsive Design

In a world where technology is in many ways taking the world by storm and the web is monstrous beast in itself, it seems as though making a site is as easy and cheaper now more than ever with tools like Wix, GoDaddy page builder, free templates online etc. The thing is that, just in any change is always a constant, and industry the web industry is not immune to changes either. How so? The more and more that Windows, Android, Apple, Samsung, LG, Toshiba, and all of these tech companies continue to release different sized monitors, TVs, smartphones, screens, basically anything that requires a display; a website has to be able to be legible on all of these different sized displays, that is in one sense why we need designers, it’s not so easy to do anymore with these truly larger than phones coming out.

The reason why we mention this need for Responsive Design, as we call in the web industry, this need to fit all screens is so vitally important! Why? Because your customers, clients, prospects need to readily read this content on any device. As times change so does the compatibility of your site with different screens, so your site constantly needs to be updated to be used anywhere and everywhere.

Browser Compatibility

Not only does screen size matter but also how does the browser affect your website? There are tons of browsers and you need to make sure that your site as we mentioned above always looks it absolute best at all times anywhere and everywhere.

Internet explorer, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Google Chrome just to name a few are all very common web browsers, how does your website look on all of these browsers? Compatibility is a huge need as well, adjustments will always need to be made to ensure that your website displays properly on these browsers.

Search Engine Performance

This goes hand in hand with Browser Compatibility a little bit. But just to be sure there is another aspect to this as well. Say you have designed your site and it is built for all of the browsers that we mentioned above and your site is absolutely gorgeous! That’s fantastic!

In addition to having a stunning looking website is how does Google, Yahoo!, and Bing view your site? Why do we care? Because these are the three biggest search engines that are used around the world and in order for your site to be found on the web by your audience the search engines need to understand what and where your site is.

Think of your site as your home or business address. How do you tell someone where you live? Take a left at the post office, a right after the palm tree and then you’ll see my house next to the giant rock. Forget it, why do that when you can give someone a few numbers on your curb they Google you and bingo there it is! The house number, street name, city and state makes your house identifiable.

Google, Yahoo!, and Bing does the same thing. Professional designers know the tricks to making it possible for a user to actually find your site among the millions of other sites out there.

So, what can a professional web designer do that I can’t when designing a website? In a word we make it “functional” for you, the search engines, and your audience as well. Remember who the website is for, not just you but most importantly your prospects so that it is functional and user friendly for them. All three of the major search engines are vital to having a website that generate the audience you are fishing for.

What if you need a website but you’re on a tight or small budget? We will be happy to explain and help you get online, continue to read and find out alternatives that work best for you!