Why Is My Computer Slow?

As we speak to more and more people about their computers the question always comes up: “Why is my computer so slow?” Nothing more frustrating than a computer that you use every day that runs so slow. Before we answer this question we have to find out what is slow exactly, so here are a few things to check.

  • Is your computer slow using the internet?

  • The reason why we ask this is because it is not necessarily your computer but it could be your internet connection. A possible upgrade in your internet connection should be considered especially if you do a lot of things that are internet based. E.g. shopping on Amazon, streaming on Netflix, chat sessions, video chats, etc. We have another post for you if you want to know more about internet issues.

  • Does your computer have a virus?

  • This may sound a little strange but does your computer do things that are odd? For many people young or elderly, whether this is your first computer or not you know how a computer works and basically what it should or should not be doing; we’ve all played on the computers at the big box stores and we know how they work. So we ask, how do you know that you do not have a virus? The symptoms are incredibly obvious: your computer will freeze up or you get a black screen when you login, things like this.

    We say that the symptoms are obvious and that may sound a little, harsh, especially since we work on computers all day, but for the average user or not you can tell when you have a virus because just like people, we know when we are getting sick or are sick, it is no different for a computer. Read up a little more on it here: How do I know if I have a virus?

  • How old is your computer?

  • One of the many reasons why computers slowdown is that they are really old and the manufacture does not support updates to keep your computer secure, meaning older computers are more susceptible to hacks, the things we all fear the most and modern programs do not run on them at all.

    Our last of many reasons is that they have limitations. Back when they were brand new the limitations were almost nonexistent but as computers start to evolve with the current needs of various types of consumers, manufactures start to adjust their products so essentially a computer that was amazing 10 years ago was perfect for that time but in this day and age, computers have much more capabilities and therefore need more hardware and new pieces of software to keep up with the times. So an old computer will eventually fall apart and stop working and that’s no good.

  • Does opening multiple programs freeze your computer?

  • One last question; other than programs that do not use the internet. For example if you open documents on your computer or opening up your “Recycle Bin” at the same time, do one or both of the programs eventually say ‘[XYZ] program is not responding’? If that is the case, most likely you have a Random Access Memory (RAM) issue. The most common issue that we find is insufficient RAM.

    The best way we can explain this is if you’re trying to brush your teeth, comb your hair and cook breakfast at the same time, when you are done something is not going to get done or look extremely awkward. RAM, in a nutshell allows your computer to multi task and programs that you have on your computer are opened up using RAM.

    So what do you do? If you need RAM, you can locate your computers make and model and go online, with only your web browser open and do a search for your RAM with online stores like NewEgg.com, TigerDirect.com. We have used both retailers before and they are a great source to find products you need for your computer and the service is great!

    These are the top 4 that we feel are the most common issues that can make your computer slow; of course there are other issues that could as well, but if you have a question feel free to email us at: support@imperialvue.com and we would be more than help you troubleshoot your computer with you and get it humming like a well-oiled machine.