Why Is My Internet Slow?

There are quite a few things that could make your internet slow but of course we will help you trouble shoot your technical concerns. After identifying that your computer is solid and there are no issues there we’re asked, ‘why is my internet so slow?’.

  • Where is my router?

  • Where is your router located? Often times when a router is located closer to the floor the wifi signal will be weak and you limit the capabilities and the reach of your router. The higher the router is the better, it will cover a larger area which is great because how many time have you watched a video on YouTube or Netflix and it freezes and has to buffer, ugh it is terrible. Router placement is so important!

  • What plan do I have?

  • That’s a great and very common question. Many times your Internet Service Provider (ISP) is advertising their services at 100megabits per second (mbps). Basically all this means is it’s like traffic speed, instead of for a car it’s for data that comes from one destination to another from a website to your computer. It’s too complex if we try to explain further but we can explain another time. Just think of it in terms of traffic speed just like a car.

    So since we are thinking along those lines of traffic speed on the freeway or in a neighborhood there are different speeds; generally in a neighborhood the speed is always 25MPH or 45MPH on the highway, 70MPH for the freeway, of course for different reasons you drive faster in different areas, safety regulations etc.

    So if you buy an internet connection from an ISP with 100mbps your speed will be much faster than a plan that has 15mbps, like driving in a neighborhood.

  • How are you connected?

  • Our third and final thing to check is how are you connected? Although we use wifi much more now than we ever have with laptops, tablets, smart phones, etc we still have to keep in mind that whatever plan we currently have or are thinking about purchasing that the 100mbps that we mentioned above is only if you have a direct connection to the router, meaning you have to have a physical Ethernet Cable that gets plugged into the router from your device in order to get that 100mbps connection.

    So if you think about it, if you buy a plan with 15mbps that is already a slower connection than the 100mbps we just mentioned, what will it be over wifi? Your speed will definitely decrease.

    So how do I fix this? You can run to a home improvement store and buy a cat 5e cable and buy one with ends on it (the ends are called RJ-45) and plug directly in or you can upgrade your plan; this is the easiest fix.

    But what about after all of this and your internet is still slow? We have another post that can help you understand a little further what else could be causing your internet to slow down. Check out how to maintain your router now!